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Restaurant: Wooffles & Cream 
Location: 8360 Kennedy Road, Unit 81, Markham, ON L3R 5Y7
Price Range: $

Wooffles & Cream
Wooffles & Cream


After seeing amazing pictures on Instagram of the Hong Kong waffle from Wooffles & Cream, I was finally able to convince my friend to bring me to this place before having dinner at Smash (Yes I eat dessert before dinner..). Although the menu is similar to Toast Delight, what set Wooffles and Cream different is that the latter offers a wide varieties of specialty wooffles! Note that right now Wooffles and Cream closes on Monday, but on other days they open until 9 to 10PM.

Wooffles & Cream menu
Wooffles & Cream menu

The concept was that you can order each item separately, or you can order the egg waffles + soft serve in a cup – which was probably the most famous combination that people tend to get here. You first order your wooffle flavor then select the ice cream to go with it, and note that they are priced separately! Though the price was a bit more expensive than toast delight, the portion however was generous and easily shareable.

Making Hong Kong waffle
Making Hong Kong waffle

All the waffles were freshly made to order and since there were only two machines with one person making the waffle, the wait can take quite some time… Initially I wanted to get the lap cheong (chinese sausage) and seaweed, but sadly by the time I got there (6PM) the flavor was already sold out. Hence I strongly recommend going here on their off times for shorter line up (no 1 hour line up) and waiting time, as my wooffle took approx. 20 minutes to be made.

Salt and Pepper HK waffle with Green Tea soft serve - $8
Salt and Pepper HK waffle with Green Tea soft serve – $8

R got the Cookies n’ Cream HK waffle with green tea soft serve and each waffle bubble contained bits of crushed cookies! With that said, I found the combination of both the wooffle and soft serve to be a bit too sweet for my liking.

Since I couldn’t get the infamous lap cheong & seaweed wooffle, I got the Salt and Pepper HK waffle with green tea soft serve instead. I must mention, I prefer the egg waffle here more than the one from Toast Delight as the latter was consistently dense and doughy. The egg waffle here still doesn’t have that strong egg aroma, however it was crunchy and soft on the inside, and I liked how the waffle didn’t get soggy with the soft serve at all. The flavors were definitely interesting, a bit spicy and salty then sweet from the ice cream which isn’t something that I was used to. Not that I hated it, I just wouldn’t pick this flavor again. With that said, since the wooffle was spicy and salty, the sweet matcha soft serve balanced out the savoury wooffle! Unlike the soft serve in Uncle Tetsu where it melts the second you get it (seriously..), the soft serve here was dense, creamy and velvety. I liked how it still held up really well even with the hot HK waffle! Sadly the matcha taste in the soft serve wasn’t as strong as Uncle Tetsu and it was a bit too sweet for me on its own.

I left Wooffles & Cream feeling satisfied and I wholeheartedly recommend this place for their fun take on the Hong Kong egg waffle! Though the shop is a bit out of the way for me, it is a fantastic treat that I would come back for again and again. I have already started bothering my friends to take me back here already, hopefully they love me enough (lol) to drive me back here :p.

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Lap Cheong & Seaweed wooffles with Kinakozuki parfait
Lap Cheong & Seaweed wooffles with Kinakozuki parfait – $11.5

So I went back several times and I always got the lap cheong and seaweed wooffle! If you are a fan of savoury and love lap cheong, you will definitely love this waffle with each bites contained bits of salty lap cheong and seaweed. However I don’t think I would include parfait or toppings next time as it can get quite expensive and overall quite filling.

Lap Cheong & Seaweed wooffles with blueberry parfait
Lap Cheong & Seaweed wooffles with blueberry parfait – $10.5

I found the cheesecake in the blueberry parfait to be too dense – as if the cheesecake was frozen. The blueberry sauce was nice but still quite strange with the savoury waffle.. I think in general the parfait would pair well with the sweet waffles, not the savoury ones at all.

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