[Thai] Sukho Thai

Restaurant: Sukho Thai
Location: 52 Wellington Street East, Toronto, ON M5E 1C9
Price Range: $$

Sukho Thai
Sukho Thai


Since I used to work at a Thai restaurant for couple of years, I have quite a good understanding of Thai flavors so you could say other than Vietnamese food, I’m pretty picky when it comes to Thai food :p.

Located on Wellington Street, Sukho Thai is sorta the more upscale version of Pai, which is actually their sister restaurant! The prices here are definitely higher and the ambiance isn’t as casual or street-style like Pai. The restaurant is big and can get noisy during peak hours, if you prefer a more quite atmosphere, I suggest taking the tables “upstair” by the windows.

shrimp fresh rolls w/ peanut sauce - $8
shrimp fresh rolls w/ peanut sauce – $8

The shrimps fresh rolls had a perfect blend of a few different flavors – mango, bell pepper, shrimps, basil and the ingredients were, well, fresh!! I also liked how well crafted the rolls were, I mean, don’t you hate it when the rolls fall apart while eating?! I would have liked it more if the vegetables were pickled or there were more seasonings on the shrimp to add more flavors, or more heat in the peanut sauce would be even better!

sukhoTHAI mango salad - $6
sukhoTHAI mango salad – $6

I was fairly disappointed with the mango salad from Sukho Thai. The mango was soggy and limp, and it was too sour as well. The salad didn’t have the balance between the sweetness and acidity of the lime juice, nor did it have any heat from the chilies.

gaeng kiaw wan (green curry w/ bamboo shoots, Thai basil, green peppers) - $14
gaeng kiaw wan
(beef green curry w/ bamboo shoots, Thai basil, green peppers) – $14

The beef pieces were very tender and soaked up all the curry flavors. However the curry arrived lukewarm, the consistency was quite watery and in term of taste, it was not as flavorful as the one in Pai. There was less curry paste and there should be a bit more coconut milk to add a nice touch of sweetness. I was also surprised to see how mild this dish was! In general green curry is the spiciest out of all the curries (Red is second then Yellow), and I ordered spicy so they seriously toned down the heat of this a lot.

Thai fried rice - $13.50
Thai fried rice – $13.50

D ordered the fried rice since he was craving for some carbs (seriously though, this is coming from a guy who’s bulking lol). He said it was just a typical fried rice, nothing special.

Having eaten at Sukho Thai, Pai and Khao San Road numerous times, my all time favorite Thai restaurant will still be Pai (review coming soon!)! The menu at Sukho Thai doesn’t sound as exciting or different than any other Thai restaurants that I have been too, and some of the dishes really needed some final touches. With that said, the service at Sukho Thai was amazing which is completely different than Yelp reviews. If you want to know what is bad and slow service, Pai is your choice, I’m always amazed at how their service is consistently.. bad.

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