Strawberry Pie with Siggi’s Skyr recipe

Strawberry Pie with Siggi’s Skyr recipe
Siggi’s Skyr

Okay so you guys probably came here after you saw me mention in my Instagram that this recipe turned out to be completely different from what I intended it to be… 

Before I go into that, if you guys haven’t yet, check out my last post here (link to blog post #1) to read more about siggi’s skyr and its health benefits! Since its launch to the Canadian market in January, the product has received so much love due to the higher protein content and no artificial flavors or sweeteners contained in the skyr. If you are interested in trying the skyr, check out their website to find the nearest available store :). 

Now let’s get back to the story… 

I always have a thing for granola or power bars as my snacks. But in general, these bars are usually high in sugar or contain suspicious ingredients – namely high fructose – so I decided to stray from them altogether. However, sometimes you really just need a snack that has some serious staying power. So, I decided to make these bars with a skyr cake filling – and this was what the original recipe was supposed to be ;). 

Strawberry Skyr Pie

However, halfway through making the recipe, both my friend and I realized that we only had enough oatmeal to act as the base of the power bar but not enough to cover the top. So, we scrapped the idea and decided to make a “skyr pie” instead!

Strawberry Skyr Pie

And mind you, it was still delicious! So, if you want to turn this into a power bar, I suggest double the “crust” portion to cover the top. Also, for the fruit topping, feel free to use any fruits! Strawberry season is in right now so I figured I should use some Ontario strawberries for the recipe.

Strawberry pie with Siggi’s Skyr recipe

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