[Asian Fusion] Petit Potato

Restaurant: Petit Potato
Location: 10 Ravel Road, Unit 1-2, Toronto, ON M2H 1S8
Price Range: $$

Petit Potato - Photo Courtesy of FoodsofToronto
Petit Potato – Photo Courtesy of FoodsofToronto

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Owned by the Congee Queen restaurants – which all Asian kids must have heard of – the owners have recently ventured out and opened Petit Potato! To clarify, everything in here are not petit nor are they made out of potatoes! It is a Japanese-Taiwanese fusion restaurant that serve a wide variety of dishes including ramen, teppan dishes, bibimbap and your usual Asian snacks – thus ensuring there’s definitely something for everyone here.

Shrimp and Crab Meat salad
Shrimp and Crab Meat salad – $8.99

To start off the media event, we were presented with a shrimp and imitation crab meat salad served with a creamy sesame sauce. I thought the salad was decent, nothing to write home about, but then again it is quiet hard to mess up a simple salad such this.

Popcorn Chicken
Popcorn Chicken – $7.75

The popcorn chicken was quite dry so it would have been nice if there was an accompanied sauce.

Yuzu Chicken Wings
Yuzu Chicken Wings – $8 for 6 pieces

The wings were not greasy and had a light breading, perfectly moist inside and the tangy yuzu sauce really brighten up the dish!

Sliced Pork Ramen
Sliced Pork Ramen – $10.95

Surprisingly the ramen was quite good as the broth was creamy and the noodles were perfectly chewy! Sadly the cha-siu (pork) were mostly fat though,

Eel omurice
Eel omurice – $12.99

The omelette was cooked just right and retained its smooth texture, while the eel was lightly grilled, topped it all off with a sweet teriyaki sauce – this was my favorite dish of the night.

Sliced Beef Teppan Pepper Rice
Sliced Beef Teppan Rice – $9.99

If you didn’t know already, teppan dishes mean that the food will be cooked on a sizzling hot plate in front of your eyes. I thought a savoury sauce would have went well with the beef than their teppanyaki sauce, which was slightly a bit too sweet for me.

Smoked Duck Breast Special Teppan Cream Pasta
Smoked Duck Breast Special Teppan Cream Pasta – $11.75

For any of the teppan pasta dishes, you will have a choice of black pepper sauce, cream sauce or tomato sauce. I was surprised at how bouncy the pasta noodles were, and that smoked duck breast really added tons of flavor to the dish while the cream sauce wasn’t overwhelming either – another favorite!

Oreo Special Golden Toast
Oreo Special Golden Toast – $12.99

Other than the savoury dishes, the reason why everyone go here is for their Special French Honey Golden Toast series. Google Petit Potato or just simply search for it on Instagram, I’m sure you will see hundreds of pictures of this humongous dessert!

Strawberry Special Golden Toast
Strawberry Special Golden Toast – $14.99

Unlike the usual toasts that you would get from an Asian dessert place, the ones at Petit Potato are approx. 10 inches high and have 3 layers of crispy toast. They are then hollowed out, filled with smaller chunks of toasts then topped with ice cream and fruits. Ranging from $12.99 to $14.99, this toast is definitely shareable between 3-4 people! Also, these took around 20-30 minutes to be made, so I suggest ordering this from the beginning and not wait until the end of the meal.

Mango special golden toast
Mango special golden toast – $14.99

While I thought all the toasts weren’t too sweet, I found the smaller toasts that were inside to be quite dry. While I understand that they might not have been soaked in condensed milk in order to stay crispy – thus making it easier to stack the toast – it was still not enjoyable.

Mango Pancake
Mango Pancake – $7.99

Other than the toasts, Petit Potato have an extensive dessert menu which include grass jelly, sago, pudding, shaved ice – tons of options to satisfy your sweet tooth! This mango pancake was delightful with a fluffy pancake, packed with chunks of fresh mango – highly recommended!

The overall restaurant had a modern atmosphere and a lot of attentions have been paid from the interior to the cute cutleries! While I thought their famous giant toasts were ah-ok, I think it’s worth trying it once if you are in the area, or if you are looking for an Instagram-worthy pic – this is the spot to be.

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