[Belgian] Moo Frites

Restaurant: Moo Frites
Location: 178 Baldwin Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1L8
Price Range: $

Moo Frites
Moo Frites


I have heard of Moo Frites for a long time now, but was a bit skeptical as their specialty is fries, and fries are just….fries right? I wasn’t sure how were they going to elevate or reinvent fries, but boy I was wrong after trying their fries and specialty sauces.


The restaurant is tiny with only bar seats, this is more of a grab and go type place. I also liked how the bar tables had a small customized hole to place the cone style container of fries there, very convenient and thoughtful!


Their fries are made to order and if you are unsure of which sauce to choose, they are happy to let you sample! The Belgium fries are not your conventional McDonald’s style fries, these have a thicker cut and are double fried. The result is deliciously crisp and hot on the outside, while fluffy on the inside.

Kimchi Frites (Kimchi, Scallion, Spicy & Garlic Mayo) - $5.95 small
Kimchi Frites (Kimchi, Scallion, Spicy & Garlic Mayo) – $5.95 small

Wow for $6 Moo Frites is really generous on the portion. It can be easily shared between two people and this is only a small! The garlic mayo complemented and bring down the spiciness of the kimchi. The frites were perfectly fried, lightly salted and not too greasy at all. However I wish there was more layers of topping in between the fries, as there were only 2 layers and by the time I get to the bottom, there was no sauce nor topping left :(.

One thing I really like about this place is their cone style take out container. Instead of the typical styrofoam boxes, these cone style have a small dip slot attached to the cone, which make it easier to dip your fries on the go.

Frites w/ Spicy Sriracha Mayo - $4.25 small
Frites w/ Spicy Sriracha Mayo – $4.25 small

On my second visit I got the normal frites with a spicy Sriracha mayo dipping sauce. The spicy mayo was tangy and creamy, with a kick of spiciness from the Sriracha!

Fries w/ Parmesan Peppercorn sauce - $4.25 small
Fries w/ Parmesan Peppercorn sauce – $4.25 small

My friend got the parmesan peppercorn sauce and although it was a strange mix, the sauce was really good as well. The sauce isn’t as spicy as the Sriracha sauce, the parmesan gives this creamy and cheesy taste, almost like eating a poutine (without the gravy)!

While I don’t think I will be a regular customer of Moo Frites as the calories frighten me, but someday I will definitely come back. On my future visit, I would choose the option to deep fry the frites in beef-fat, which sound unhealthy but you are eating fries so who cares? lol.


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