[Dessert] Millie Creperie

Restaurant: Millie Creperie
Location: 161 Baldwin Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1L8
Price Range: $

Millie Creperie
Millie Creperie


You probably have heard of this place by now, but Millie Creperie is one of the first store to sell freshly made Japanese crepes. You no longer need to travel to Japan or NYC (Lady M) for delicious asian-inspired crepes and crepe cake, you can now just go to Chinatown in downtown Toronto ;).

Millie Creperie is a hidden gem tucked away in between Chinatown and Kensington Market. Getting here is a bit tricky so open up Google Maps on your phone, or it should be easily noticeable by the delicious crepe smell and line up inside the tiny store.

The store itself is tiny and it can probably seat around 10 people, but this wouldn’t be an issue once the weather gets warmer.

Savoury Crepe Menu
Savoury Crepe Menu

Interestingly Millie Creperie offers both sweet and savoury crepes, and throughout my numerous visits to the store, I have always bought the sweet crepes instead. I’m not sure why, but the idea of savoury crepes were just not appealing for me 🙁 do let me know your favourite though!

Sweet Crepes Menu
Sweet Crepes Menu

Since I heard the parfaits aren’t as good as the crepes so I never tried them, but I will try on my next visit though!

Drinks menu
Drinks menu
Crepe Cake
Crepe Cake

Initially Millie didn’t offer the crepe cake as I remember the owner told me it was more time-consuming to make them. Recently the store have started offering the cakes, and I admit it is quite expensive, but there aren’t many stores that sell this so it’s worth every penny!

Occasionally they will make the Tiramisu flavored crepe cake as well, and it’s around $8/slice.


It seems the ice-cream/gelato are made in house, as I heard Millie supplies the Thai Ice Tea ice cream to Khao San Road – a famous Thai restaurant in Financial District.

Japanese Crepe with Thai Ice tea ice cream + whipped cream + strawberry - $5.95
Japanese Crepe with Thai Ice tea ice cream + whipped cream + strawberry – $5.95

Sorry for the bad shot… My friend was so excited to try the thai ice tea ice cream that she decided to take a bite before I took the picture -_- *judging you C*.

If you are unfamiliar with Thai Ice Tea, it is the orange-colored drink that you often see in Thai restaurants. You might think it just black tea and condensed milk, but generally the tea is also infused with other spices like tamarind or star anise, and top with lots of ice. Some restaurants tend to serve it overly sweetened, masking the true flavors and make the tea become unenjoyable. Luckily the ice-cream in Millie is not too sweet and perfectly creamy with a strong tea flavor – exactly how I like my thai ice tea.

Green tea mille crepe cake - $7.6
Green tea mille crepe cake – $7.6

The crepe cake at Millie has 20 layers of paper-thin crepes with whipped pastry cream in between every layer. This cake is very labour-intensive, and it usually sold out quickly so make sure to come here early!!

The green tea crepe cake was superb, soft and delicate, and not too-sweet pastry cream. Each bite melted in my mouth and the green tea flavor was very prominent. While some people might not enjoy it, but I liked the bitterness from the dusted green tea powder, as it cut down the creaminess of the pastry cream.

Original Mille Crepe Cake - $6.9
Original Mille Crepe Cake – $6.9

On the other hand, I didn’t enjoy the flavor of the original as it was a tad too sweet for my liking. It wasn’t anything special so I would strongly recommend you to get the Green Tea or Tiramisu if they have in-store. By the way, these crepe cakes should be eaten fresh as I made a mistake to refrigerate half a slice in the fridge. The next day the cake became slightly soggy in the center, while the edges were hardened :(.

If you are love crepes and want to try something new, definitely give this place a try! The customer service is always pleasant and efficient – just like other authentic Japanese restaurants :).

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