[Brunch] Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Restaurant: Mildred’s Temple Kitchen
Location: 85 Hanna Ave, Toronto, ON M6K 3S3
Price Range: $$

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen


Liberty Village is full of amazing coffee shops and chic restaurants, and Mildred’s Temple Kitchen was one of them! After hearing rave reviews and pictures of the pancake have been popping up all over my Instagram newsfeed, I decided to venture out to Mildred’s Temple Kitchen at Liberty Village.

Inside Mildred's Temple Kitchen
Inside Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Arriving at 11AM, there was already a long lineup so my friend and I waited around 45minutes for our table. Hence I strongly suggest to arrive here early, as they don’t take reservations for lunch. With that being said, there is a furniture warehouse next door that you can walk around while waiting, so the wait wouldn’t be too dreadful.

Open Kitchen
Open Kitchen

First thing I noticed about Mildred is that the restaurant is beautiful, I really enjoyed the open concept design of the kitchen. I also love the high ceiling and a wall of windows that maximize the natural sunlight, which created a very bright and airy atmosphere for diners.

Cafe Latte - $4.25
Cafe Latte – $4.25

My friend and I both got the cafe latte. I admit, I am no coffee connoisseur and sadly because of Starbucks, I hate coffee as they tend to have a burned bean taste. But the cafe latte at Mildred was nice and smooth, it completely changed my mind so I’m actually enjoying coffee more now :)!

Mrs. Biederhof’s Legendary Light & Fluffy Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes - $16
Mrs. Biederhof’s Legendary Light & Fluffy Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes – $16

Of course I could not come to Mildred without getting the “legendary” blueberry pancake. The plate came with a huge portion of pancakes, topped with a generous amount of syrup and blueberries sauce, in my opinion it was definitely worth the $16 price tag. In addition, these were not the regular flat and dense pancake, they were super fluffy, light and slightly toasted on the outside. With each bite of the pancake, you get bits of blueberry hidden inside each layer, and these were wild berries I believe, as they were sweeter and smaller compare to the regulars. Although the pancakes were a tad sweet, I didn’t mind it at all as these were to die for!

Veda’s Choice - $14.95
Veda’s Choice – $14.95

Admittedly this dish is a tad expensive because of the smaller portion, but my friend loved it. The croissant was buttery and flaky, sandwiched a perfectly poached egg  amply covered with a creamy béarnaise sauce.

*My complain: my server as she was just rude and snobby during the entire service. I understand brunch hour is always busy, but it was my first time at Mildred and she kept shouting at me while I was trying to inquire some items on the menu! Also, she completely ignored our table and didn’t even bother to refill our water. Luckily the manager (Scott) noticed and checked up on us. He even offered some homemade scones and preserves on the house (thank you so much!!) and these were delicious. The scones were currant and buttermilk biscuits, although they were a bit too flaky for my liking, nevertheless not too sweet and delicious.

Overall everything was perfect at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen and I can’t get over the restaurant with its urban and chic decor. Although the lineup for brunch can be a pain, but if you have time then go for it, and I strongly recommend the blueberry pancake. I’m craving for the pancakes again as I’m typing this post, it’s good that Mildred is not near my place, or else I would have to get my pancake fix there every week.

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