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M.e.n.u Food Truck


Gone are the old and typical food trucks that sell the same poutines and soft serve, Toronto food trucks have become more diverse now and they are much bigger and better than before! I apologize in advance that by the time this blog post is published, the weather is colder and some food trucks will be “on vacation.” Lol.

I came across Me.n.u food truck when I was buying the ice cream from Bar Ape (review here) and their menu piqued my curiosity. I actually incorrectly called this food truck as “Menu” at first but it supposed to be a “me and you” thing, so witty lol. From their site, every winter the team travel and taste the street food in Asia, then they recreate those flavors and share with the customers in Toronto!

Me.n.u food truck menu
Me.n.u food truck menu

I have been to Me.n.u food truck multiple time before so this review will comprise the experiences of those visit. I pretty much tried most of their menu with the exception of poutine because I’m not a huge fan of the dish. I’m looking forward to their rice bowl since it’s remind me of the one I had at the Chairman in San Francisco (review here)! Also the menu of their site is slightly different with more variety of the rice balls, but the food truck seem to only serve 2 types so I wonder when they will bring the others onto the truck?

Rice Ball
Rice Balls (Taiwan and Osaka rice balls)

If you happen to run into them and this is your first time, I highly recommend their “Ball so hard” combo (choice of 1 taco and 2 balls)! For just $11, I think the price is very reasonable considering their big portion and delicious end products!

The Osaka rice ball consisted of Japanese beef curry, roasted edamame, diced carrot and curry potato, then topped with fried ramen noodles. The Taiwan rice ball consisted of Taiwanese sausages, hoisin garlic minced pork and diced potatoes. Both rice balls were crunchy on the outside, soft and gooey (stuffed with mozzarella cheese) on the inside. They didn’t feel oily nor fatty either! In terms of flavors, I preferred the Osaka rice ball as you can taste the distinctive Japanese curry flavor in it. The Taiwan rice ball was good but I couldn’t really taste the sausage, maybe more in the filling might have been better?

Satay Chicken Roti Taco (roasted satay chicken, pickled carrots & red onions, sweet chili slaw, crispy onions and Sriracha mayo)
Satay Chicken Roti Taco (roasted satay chicken, pickled carrots & red onions, sweet chili slaw, crispy onions and Sriracha mayo)

Another delicious dish! The chicken was moist and had lots of spices. The slaw with the carrot didn’t have much flavor. With that said, they really helped to ease the heat from the chicken and sriracha mayo sauce! I love that instead of the traditional taco shell, they serve this on a roti because it held the ingredients so much better.

Kimchi pulled pork roti taco & satay chicken roti taco - $10 for 2
Kimchi pulled pork roti taco & satay chicken roti taco – $10 for 2

Me.n.u food truck was doing a charity event at the TD tower court yard and they were offering those 2 tacos for the day. To be honest I would have preferred the rice balls more since they are my all time favorite. Sadly since it was an event and all the ingredients were prepared in advance, the roti wasn’t flaky anymore because it was cold.. The chicken was dry so more sauce would have been nice!

Other than the hiccup of that taco combo, I thoroughly enjoyed all the dishes at Me.n.u food truck! I couldn’t rate on the ambiance because you know, it’s a food truck, other than the witty name there isn’t any decor or anything. The Me.n.u crew is outgoing and super fun to talk to which will make you food truck experience a memorable one!

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