[Filipino] Max’s Restaurant

Restaurant: Max’s Retaurant
Location: 1520 Steeles Avenue W, Unit 121, Concord, ON L4K 3B9
Price Range: $$

Max's Manila
Max’s Restaurant


I will be honest here.. I didn’t want to write a review for this restaurant at all. I really wanted to like Max’s Manila as it was supposed to be a famous franchise originated from Filipino and they have restaurants all over the world. Nonetheless.. Here is my review and forgive me for the tone of my voice in this post.

lumpiang ubod
Lumpiang Ubod (Shredded heart of palm, mixed with vegetables, pork, shrimp and crab meat. Wrapped in homemade crepe and served with peanut dip) – $12.99

I didn’t like this dish at all. It was like eating a crepe filled with raw vegetables and meat. There was no flavor and the peanut dip was somehow really sweet, and didn’t go well with the savoury meat at all.

lechon kawali sisig
Lechon Kawali Sisig (diced crispy pork belly mixed with Max’s savoury sauce, served on a sizzling plate) – $14.99

Besides being ridiculously unhealthy, the sisig here was crunchy and every bites was explosion of flavors. It also has a texture contrast of soft pieces as well as crispy since the dish was served on a hot cast iron plate. Toward the end the sisig became quite greasy and it would have been better if there was something tangy like lemon to cut through the fat.

lechon kawali
Lechon Kawali (pork belly deep fried until crisp and golden brown, yet soft and tender inside. Served with liver sauce on the side) – $15.99

I didn’t like it and it was nothing like the one that I had at Kanto in downtown Toronto. The skin was super crispy while the inside was dry and hard to bite. It also lacked seasonings but the mild tartness of the liver sauce helped to cut through the “supposed to be” fattiness of the lechon kawali.

pancit palabok
Pancit Palabok (thick rice noodles in a delicious shrimp, squid and ground pork sauce, garnished with garlic bits, ground pork cracklings, green onions and sliced boiled egg) – $10.99

There was something strange about the texture of the rice noodle and the sauce that didn’t work for me at all. The noodle was overcooked, mushy and sauce was really .. flour-y? I also found the noodle to be quite bland and the cracklings were incredibly dry, it just added no flavors to the palabok at all.

garlic rice
Garlic Rice – $6.95

The garlic rice was a must order when you are having Filipino food and we also had a lot of saucy dishes as well. It was very garlicky with real bits of garlic, but in a good way.

leche flan
Leche Flan (custard made from egg yolk and milk, topped with caramel syrup) – $3.99

Nothing special. Tasted just like any other flan that I could make at home.

ube creme decadence
Ube Creme Decadence (light, smooth, creamy eggless custard with ube halaya/purple yam filling served chilled, topped with ube cake crumbs) – $4.99

Technically we received this dish for free as there was a check-in special on Yelp that day. On the initial bites, the texture was similar to a panna cotta, rich and creamy yet light in flavor. When you dig in further, you will find the rich ube creme in center. The milk and cream muted the starch of the ube to make a perfect pair, finished off by the ube roll crumbs. I thought it was a light and refreshing dessert to cleanse the palate all that oiliness from the lunch :).

Would I come back? Probably not, I don’t really see myself coming back here. The service here was a bit lackluster in terms of speed and just trying to get them to notice you. Even though the portion was quite generous and meant to be share, I didn’t think the price was that cheap.
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