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Restaurant: Magic Noodle
Location: 2190 McNicoll Ave #119, Scarborough, ON M1V 0B3
Price Range: $

Magic Noodle (Scarborough Location)


I remember visiting Magic Noodle 2 years ago when there was only one location at Scarborough and it didn’t open 24 hours back then. Fast forward a year or two later, due to the immense popularity, Magic Noodle now have another location in Richmond Hill and open 24 hours! I will be honest, the food is decent for the price that I paid for, but the quality has gone down over the years :(. Nonetheless, it it still a spot for me when I need a quick meal in Scarborough.

Super Crowded and line up all the time
Super Crowded and line up all the time

One thing that never changed at Magic Noodle is the crowd, there will always be a line up and I’m pretty sure they don’t take reservation either. With that said, the servers never rushed my table although there would be 10 people waiting for seats. In addition, don’t expect exceptional services here lol, the servers are efficient but not super friendly nor tentative.

The good thing about Magic Noodle is that you know for sure you are getting fresh homemade noodles. The chefs are constantly pulling and stretching (occasionally slamming) the noodles right in front of your eyes.

House Special Magic Noodle - $7.99 Small
House Special Magic Noodle – $7.99 Small

K so this looked nothing like the picture on the menu LOL. On the menu the broth seemed to be red and there were more varieties of vegetables, so expect that the pictures might not resemble your actual dishes.

The texture of the noodle was spot on, slightly chewy, soft but not too soggy. The soup base was packed full of flavour, quite refreshing and not too salty at all. The pork was good, I just wished the pan-fried egg had a more gooey yolk and some kind of green vegetables would have been nice as well.

Hand-Pulled Noodle with Pork Bone - $7.99 Large
Hand-Pulled Noodle with Pork Bone – $7.99 Large

My friend got a large noodle soup instead because he’s fat (Joking!!). He said there was nothing special and complained that there was barely any meat. The broth was not oily and again, very flavourful. I say skip this dish and get other type of meats with the hand-pulled noodles :).

House Special Pork Burger - $3.99
House Special Pork Burger – $3.99

It was my first time having this kind of burger and it was delicious! Albeit it’s a little bit oily, but I would order this again and I definitely recommend it! The pastry was crunchy, and it had a hint of nuttiness from the sesame seeds. The pork was a bit salty, soft and had a layer of fat running through. Together with the sesame pastry, it was a wonderful combination…. mhm I’m craving for it now..

Goubuli Chinese Bun (Pork & Leek) - $0.99
Goubuli Chinese Bun (Pork & Leek) – $0.99

If you don’t feel like having a bowl of noodle, lucky you there are other snacks or side dishes as well, and they are all cheap! The bun had a good filling to bun ratio and it was very “supple,” and had the right amount of elasticity to it. Furthermore, the filling was hearty and seasoned just right, the braising liquid was just enough to soak the bun without making it become soggy.

Magic noodle is definitely a go to place when you’re craving for some hand made noodles. You can leave this place with a full stomach and a less than $10 meal. Seriously, why can’t we have this in downtown Toronto! Although Magic Noodle opened a second location in Richmond Hill, but this location will always busy, and it’s worth the wait sometimes if you are looking for a quick and cheap meal.

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