[Indonesian] Little Sister

Restaurant: Little Sister 
Location: 2031 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4S 1Z9
Price Range: $$

Little Sister
Little Sister


I admit.. I have been here once before but I lost all the pictures, so I thought another visit was appropriate :p. Prior to visiting the restaurant, I have heard of Little Sister as the first Indonesian restaurant in Toronto and I actually sampled some of their dishes at Taste of Toronto! Their babi panggang (roasted pork belly) and watermelon salad really hit home for me that day and I knew I had to check out the restaurant itself.

Inside Little Sister
Inside Little Sister
The whole place felt like a bit of a hipster joint, but at the same time it retained some Indonesia vibe with small decors here and there. The kitchen was located at the back of the restaurant and you can see through it with the the glass windows and that reminded me of the street vendors in Asian. It was quite a nice sight, I must say.
Food menu at Little Sister
Food menu at Little Sister
 The menu was printed on pieces of cardboard to deliver the street food experience that Little Sister was all about. With that said,it would have been helpful if there was some pictures on the menu to help customers decide what to get, or at least an indication of spicy dishes!
Krupuk with peanut sauce - $5
Krupuk with peanut sauce – $5
I actually didn’t order the krupuk. A server offered me this dish and this was his exact words: “Would you like some prawn crackers to snack on while looking at the menu?” Please note that he offered the same thing to every other tables as well. With that said, C and I found out that the dish actually costed $5, and our server did not mention the price at all! I understand I should have questioned when I received the bill, but at the same time as a person who used to be in the service industry, I found this behavior to be intolerable. $5 might be small but it added up considered how expensive the food were, so please restrain from this kind of practice and be honest with your customers!

Anyhow, the krupuk or prawn crackers didn’t have a strong prawn/shrimps flavor like the ones in Thai restaurants, but the sauce was delicious! It had a nice combination of spicy and sweetness.

Watermelon Salad - $7.50
Watermelon Salad – $7.50

If you’re expecting the regular sweet and tangy watermelon salad, then you’re in for a real surprise! The salad was packed with heat, luckily the fresh mint and basil helped to calm the spiciness and lightened up the dish. The Sambal vinaigrette added a savoury touch to the salad and I was surprised at how I couldn’t smell the shrimp paste or fish sauce – which typically is part of the sambal vinaigrette.

Babi Kecap (Soy + Ginger braised pork shoulder) - $13.50
Babi Kecap (Soy + Ginger braised pork shoulder) – $13.50

While the babi kecap was the less spicier dish out of everything we had that night, it was still hefty on flavorful marinates and spices! The pork shoulder was oh-so-tender and melt in your mouth goodness… I liked how the ginger wasn’t too overpowering and the soy sauce was thick, which gave the gravy a nice consistency, perfect to eat with some steam rice :p!

Semur Java ( Javanese dark spiced braised beef, crispy potato, green onion) - $15.25
Semur Java ( Javanese dark spiced braised beef, crispy potato, green onion) – $15.25

Samur java was somewhat lacklustre compared to other dishes due to the heavy spice mix, which I think contained nutmeg or something along the line that was too overbearing. The meat wasn’t as tender as the babi kecap either, it was quite tough to chew on. I thought the crispy potato was unnecessary as it added no flavor to the dish, it would have been better if they included chunk of potatoes to soak up the gravy!

Nasi Goreng - $6
Nasi Goreng – $6

Since both of the previous dishes didn’t come with a side of rice, C and I decided to order a side of nasi goreng to fill us up. While the dish was essentially a fried rice, it was incredibly aromatic with the combinations of chili, garlic and shallot aromas. The rice wasn’t too oily and while it had a kick of heat, the sweet soy sauce toned down the chili.

Being the first Indonesian restaurant in Toronto, I really wanted to love Little Sister as the food was delicious and flavorful, however the price and service really let me down. I understand that this is a tapa-style restaurant, but considered that I almost paid $20 for a dish that was just a size of an appetizer, I didn’t think it was worth it. If you really want to try, I recommend going into smaller groups as the dishes are shareable between 2-3 people, anything more than that will make you fight with your friends over the amazing dishes.

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