Korean Egg Bread Breakfast Recipe

Korean Egg Bread Breakfast Recipe

Raise your hand if breakfast usually means scarfing down a bowl of cereal before rushing out the door, or you just completely skip breakfast to get that few extra minutes of sleep. Don’t worry, I feel you!

Korean Egg Bread with TABASCO® sauces

That’s where meal-prepping comes in handy—to make sure you’ve got good, healthy eats on hand every morning. Not only today’s recipe is easy to assemble ahead of time, it is also portable! It doesn’t matter if you accidentally overslept or if an early meeting forces you to skip your breakfast, this Korean egg bread will guarantee you get your morning fuel.

P/S: if you happen to have extra time in the morning for breakfast, head over to my previous blog post for a quick 20 minutes coddled egg recipe with TABASCO®. Or you can find more breakfast recipes on tabascosauce.ca/events and by following @tabascocanada on social media.

Ingredients for Korean Egg Bread

Now you are probably wondering – what the heck is a Korean egg bread?! Well, egg bread (Gyeran Bbang) is a slightly sweet, steamy, hot and fluffy little loaf of bread with a whole egg inside that is sold as a street snack in Korea.

There are a couple of variations to this egg bread. Some look like a sandwich where the egg is in between bread batter, but for others the egg is right on top of the bread. There’s also many topping combinations as well, so let your imagination runs wild and add anything that you want!

P/S: for this recipe, I used the classic TABASCO® sauce for that extra dash of savoury heat to balance out the sweetness of the bread, but you can pretty much use any flavors of the pepper sauce!

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