[Cafe] Jimmy’s Coffee

Restaurant: Jimmy’s Coffee
Location: 84 Gerrard Street West, Toronto, ON M5G
Price Range: $

Jimmy's Coffee
Jimmy’s Coffee


To be honest it’s really hard for me to judge coffee shops, mainly because I don’t consume coffee on a daily basis and simply I’m not a coffee connoisseur. I mean, I can definitely tell the difference of the coffee between Starbucks and local coffee shops, I just simply can’t tell you the distinct flavors lol. In general I find that as long as the coffee is smooth and the beans are not over roasted, it’s good enough.

With the first location at Portland street, Jimmy’s coffee have been up and running for few years now. This review is only for the Bay and Gerrard location, and I believe their Kensington location is the most famous one! Because of the location, it is always crowded and no seats available most of the time. If you are looking for a quite place to study, the Bay location is an ideal one as it is a bit hidden away from the main street.

Their coffee menu is simple and straightforward, and they don’t have those fancy crazy flavored syrups. I also appreciate that they carry lactose free or almond milk for those lactose intolerant people like me :).

Small and secluded back patio
Small and secluded back patio

Surprisingly there is a small and secluded back patio, it would be nice to see some trees or flowers planted there to make it more lively though :(.

Second Floor
Second Floor

There are 3 floors for this location with the first and second floor available to the public. The third floor seems to be for a big party and require reservation in advance, so it was closed to the public.

In my opinion if you want to come here for studying, come EARLY!! I was here for 2 hours and there were so many people who couldn’t get a seat, either for chilling or studying.

JVO (Jimmy's Very Own) and almond croissant.
JVO (Jimmy’s Very Own) and almond croissant.

I ordered the JVO for $4 and the hazelnut croissant for $2-3? The JVO – Jimmy’s very own was an iced vanilla latte with caramel drizzle and they really do it right here. The iced latte was not too strong, smooth and the barista applied the right amount of caramel drizzle so the syrup wasn’t overpowering the drink. It was a simple drink but I love it, it was a perfect cold drink for hot summer days.

On the other hand the pastry wasn’t my favorite. It was not too sweet and had a strong almond taste so it goes well with a cup of coffee. However the croissant was stale and the outer layer was too flaky. There is nothing I hate more than biting into a croissant and having it disintegrate into a million flaky crumbs :(. Also, does anyone hate it when someone cover the entire croissant with powdered sugar? It was extremely messy to eat with million of flaky crumbs and powdered sugar stick onto your hands…


Being open for a few years already, Jimmy also sell their merchandise at other locations as well. Though the Bay location is opened near the main street, it’s actually a bit hidden and very quite. I also like that they aren’t blasting loud obnoxious mainstream music like some other coffee shops either. Good music, free wifi, delicious coffee – the perfect place for students looking to study or for friends looking to catch up over some nice coffee!

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