[Dessert] Sweet Note Desserts

Restaurant: Sweet Note Desserts 
Location: 505 Highway 7, Markham, ON L3T 7V6
Price Range: $

Sweet Note Desserts
Sweet Note Desserts


Occasionally I would go to Markham or Richmond Hill to have dinner or dessert, as the food prices in these areas are generally cheaper. I don’t know why I love that area so much, it’s to the point I have considered moving there before with my SO, but then I realized every restaurant are so far apart that you would need a car to get around. Whereas in downtown Toronto, most places are within walking distance so getting a car is a waste of money. Beside, driving isn’t my forte so I don’t think I would move anytime soon, unless I get a chauffeur LOL jk. Anyways…back to food review :p.

Inside Sweet Note Desserts

As you can see, Sweet Note Desserts is a small but cozy cafe. In addition to desserts, they also serve variety of coffees and teas. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable as well. This was my first time visiting, she patiently explained the menu and gave us a heads up about how long each item would take to make, which was great!

Dessert selection at the glass counter
Dessert selection at the glass counter

For dine-in, my friend and I ordered the Baked Alaska and Chocolate Soufflé with Guava sauce. I also ordered an Earl Grey milk bottle and macarons to go.

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Baked Alaska – $8.95

This was the first time I had a Baked Alaska and it was SOOO GOOD. A baked alaska is ice cream on top of a sponge cake, covered with uncooked meringue then “baked” in a hot oven. The mango ice cream was made in-house, covered with meringue on the outside and it tasted great!! I felt like I was eating a less sweet version of marshmallow with ice cream LOL. Please note: the ice cream seems to be changed daily. My friend visited this place and he said instead of having mango ice cream, he had pineapple instead :).

Chocolate Soufflé with Guava sauce - $8.75
Chocolate Soufflé with Guava sauce – $8.75

BEHOLD. THE CHOCOLATE SOUFFLÉ.  In the word of Gordon Ramsay, Soufflé doesn’t ***ing wait for no one. But being a food blogger, I needed to take a picture of it lol. Just a warning, they make their Soufflé fresh when you order, so it will take at least 20 minutes.

The soufflé was huge and really good!! The inside is warm and soft, not wet or soggy. The chocolate flavor really came through and not sweet at all. I was surprised soufflé didn’t collapse right away, if I remember correctly it took around 90 seconds for the soufflé  to collapse. The owner explained to me that she wanted to try and give the soufflé more texture, allowing it to rise longer as a lot of people like to take pictures of their dessert, aka Asian girls, so by the time they finished, the soufflé would have collapsed already.

Please don’t ask about the Guava sauce. I love Guava but my friend hated it. Good, more soufflé for me :D. With that said, I do not recommend ordering or pouring the sauce as it kills the flavor and texture of the soufflé, making it become more soggy.

Earl Grey Milk Bottle – $4.95 each

The milk bottle was a bit pricey but it was so cute! The texture was like a mousse or pudding and the one I got was not too sweet at all. At the bottom of the milk bottle there was bits of jelly? I’m not so sure but overall it was delicious! I want to try the Guava Lychee or flavor of the month next time.

From left to right: Lavender, Green Tea, Guava, Japanese Lime, Pistachio

The macarons were priced at $2.50/each. They were crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, but the flavors were a hit and miss. The Green Tea were my favourite, even better than Butter Avenue as the filling was a bit bitter, and not sweet at all. I also liked the Japanese Lime (Yuzu) and Pistachio as well. Be careful with the Lavender Macaron, it tasted like perfumed soap for me.. The lavender was so strong, it reminded me of those Bounty sheet you put in the dryer so your clothes would smell good…

Please note, the store also offer a Loyalty Stamp Card. For every $5 purchase = 1 Loyalty Stamp and once you reach 9 stamps = $2 off towards any in-store goodies (no minimum purchase required). To be honest, $2 off isn’t a lot so the card is not worth it.

Overall I recommend this place if you are in the area. Since it is an Asian dessert place, their stuff is not as sweet compared to Western sweetness standards, which is good for me :). I highly recommend the Soufflé and baked goods. The macarons were eh and the milk bottle is delicious!

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