Celebrate National Burger Day with B.Good

Celebrate National Burger Day with B.Good

Question for you guys, what is your guilty pleasure when it comes to burgers?

For me, it has always been a classic greasy cheese burger with a side of LARGE fries. Unfortunately, this comes with a lot of meat fillers or chemical flavourings that are not necessarily good for you. Though I still occasionally crave for those kind of burgers, these days I have been trying to be more conscious of my meals and what goes into my body as well show my support for the farming communities near me. And that’s where B.Good comes in!

B.good works with local food producers to bring you a menu focused on seasonal ingredients. Not only does this mean that you can dine on foods made with the freshest possible ingredients, you can be proud knowing that you are supporting sustainable farming practices near your home. Check out their site here to learn more about these amazing food “Makers”! Additionally, B.Good uses animal products that are free of antibiotics and growth hormones. You will not find any artificial preservatives, flavours or colours in any of their food. And bonus points for their 100% recyclable packaging as well 🙂

Their menu features a number of tasty options that are sure to satisfy everyone, whether you are a carnivore or herbivore. If you are a meat lover, your protein choices are beef/chicken/turkey. For my vegetarian or vegan friends, their veggie patty is just as satisfying as the meat options.

Now for the fun part, you can also choose from a wide variety of set toppings such as the Cousin Oliver (lettuce, tomato, onion) or go fully loaded with the Power Play (bacon, sharp cheddar, avocado, local egg). If you want to be more adventurous, let your imagination go wild and customize your own burger. Do share with me your creations and what local ingredients your B.Good has by tagging me and @b.Goodcanada.

So the next time you are having a burger craving, go to your nearest B.Good Location. National Burger Day is also coming up on August 27th so you also have the chance to show off your support for your local community while getting your burger fix!

*Photography Credit: Josh Tenn-Yuk @joshteewhy

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