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Restaurant: Cafe Crepe
Location: 246 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1Z7
Price Range: $

Cafe Crepe
Cafe Crepe


To be honest, I almost didn’t want to write this review… I went to Cafe Crepe 3 years ago and my experience was so horrible that I would never recommend this place to anyone, nor would I ever step foot into this establishment again. On my initial visit, I got a sweet crepe with strawberry ice cream and once it arrived, the ice cream melted already! Thus I inquired the waitress and she told me that’s how the ice cream is supposed to be… Lol what.

Yet here I am again, going to this place because my friend really wanted the sugar butter crepe here (which was horrible btw, I’m sorry C) after a movie night at Scotia Bank theater.

Inside Cafe Crepe
Inside Cafe Crepe

After 3 years, the decors still remain the same. I suppose they tried to mimic the restaurant with a French cafe feeling but the shop itself was a little bit too dark and sparse with the occasions over-sized cafe poster prints. It actually reminded me of a diner in the 50’s, instead of a Parisian creperie.

Montreal smoked beef, dijon mustard Savoury Crepe - $6.35
Montreal smoked beef, dijon mustard Savoury Crepe – $6.35

I decided to order a quick and cheap savoury crepe because I just wanted to get this over with and fill up my stomach a bit… The crepe itself was way too thick and soggy at the same time, and the inside was burnt. They pretty much filled half of the crepe with the smoked beef and there was too much dijon mustard so the spiciness overpowered the natural flavor of the beef.

Traditional french baguette sandwiches (Prosciutto, bocconcini cheese, tomato, basil, olive oil) - $7.75
Traditional french baguette sandwiches (Prosciutto, bocconcini cheese, tomato, basil, olive oil) – $7.75

C ordered this and we were shocked to see how sad looking this sandwich was… The baguette was hard and “lightly” (I barely tasted it) drizzled with some olive oil. Bocconcini cheese is essentially egg-sized semi-soft mozzarella cheese and since the flavor is really mild, it needed a lot of “help” to bring out the flavor. The sandwich was tasteless and I could tell the cheese was definitely not fresh as the texture was so hard that I can probably slap someone with it. C ended up picking out the prosciutto and ordered a sugar butter crepe instead (not pictured).

Open Kitchen at Cafe Crepe

As you can tell, I dislike Cafe Crepe and I don’t understand how it is voted as one of the best crepe restaurant in Toronto. Honestly I think this place is still open until now because of the location, which make it essentially a tourist trap. The service was consistently … bad and snooty servers. It took 20 minutes for our food to arrive and another 20 minutes trying to flag down a server for our bill. Seriously come on, if you want me to get out of your restaurant then at least give me the bill and we can get on with our lives.

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