[Dessert] Bang Bang Ice Cream – Revisit

Restaurant: Bang Bang Ice Cream
Location: 93 Ossington Avenue, Toronto, ON M6J 2Z4
Price Range: $$
Note: Cash & Credit Only

Long line up at Bang Bang Ice Cream
Long line up at Bang Bang Ice Cream


I have absolutely no idea how bloggers do these revisit posts, do you guys just update the old post? Or create a new one and specify that it is a revisit, let me know! Personally I prefer to do a brand new post because well… if you look at my first one here, my writing style was a bit different :p. That was my very first post and although the contents were short, it took me 2 months to typed that up lol *shake my head*….

Anyways, the last time I was at Bang Bang was on a chilly day, I decided to drop by when the weather warmed up and holy, there was a long line up! My friend and I waited for 20 minutes, but I have heard of people who waited for almost an hour, so prepare to wait :). Furthermore, the signs for this place is super tiny to almost non-existent, so when you visit look for the clothing store “Crywolf”, or the ice cream parlour should be easily noticeable by the huge lineup :p.

Correct me if I’m wrong, they don’t change the ice-cream flavors often and they have different flavors compare to Bakerbot (their sister store – which I haven’t visit yet).

2014-10-16 16.58.06
Choices of baked goods
Choices of baked goods

These are the different variations of the ice-cream sandwiches. They have other pastry options in the glass counter, but I was unable to take a picture because of bad lightning -_-.. seriously… The Hong Kong waffle was one of the popular choices among customers, however the waffle was being made to order and supposedly will take around 20 minutes, and we just couldn’t wait.. 

Left: Avocado; Right: Miso Cherry
Left: Avocado; Right: Miso Cherry

My friend and I both got the Macaron Ice Cream sandwich for $5.80 each. First and foremost, I have to mention the macaron shells were super sweet, dry and super tough. On a separate occasion, my friend visited this place and he also complained that the macaron was also bad. I was quite disappointed as on my last visit, the puff pastry suffered the same problem.

On the other hand, the ice cream was delicious! The avocado ice cream wasn’t overly sweet and had a great creamy texture. I sort of regret my choice of ice cream, as I wasn’t used to the salty-sweet flavor of the miso and cherry. I felt like the ice cream was too salty and the cherry didn’t have enough sweetness to balance the flavors.



Overall after two visits, I still enjoyed my experiences at Bang Bang and I would definitely come back to try other ice cream flavors. On my next visit, I would pick the Hong Kong waffle or get regular scoops, instead of trying their baked goods as they were all disappointing. I’m surprised though as bakerbots is their sister bakery and they are famous for their cakes/cupcakes, yet the pastries here are subpar compared to bakerbots.

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