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Restaurant: Toast Delight
Location: 8339 Kennedy Road, Unit 2659, Markham, ON L3R 1J5
Price Range: $

Toast Delight
Toast Delight


Toast Delight is a Hong Kong snack shop that has been opened for a while now. After having the egg waffle at the Sweetery Event (review here), T drove me to Toast Delight a few days later to try the waffle from the store! Located on the second floor of the same mall as T&T Unionville and ZenQ, this little shop might be hard to find especially if you are not familiar with the area.

I found it weird that there was no store sign on the outside, however the sign was printed on a white sheet of paper and stuck to a wooden board inside. This shop was really small as well, there were enough room for two waffle pans and a counter with 3 stools, so it was more of a grab and go place.


The main focus of Toast Delight is the Hong Kong egg waffle, however they also sell curry beef balls and bubble tea as well. Unlike the stores in P-mall, Toast Delight offer a wide variety of flavors such as original, green tea to even savoury flavors such as cheese and pork floss & seaweed!

Green tea HK Egg waffle - $3
Green tea HK Egg waffle – $3

T got the green tea egg waffle and I got the pork floss & seaweed. The owner was really friendly and took his time to make the egg waffles fresh to order.

Pork Floss and Seaweed HK egg waffle - $3
Pork Floss and Seaweed HK egg waffle – $3

While the egg waffles here kept their shape and remained crispy, I found the inside to be a bit too dense for my liking, which was the same problem I had with their pop-up shop in Sweetery. From Yelp reviews, it seem the “authentic” texture of the waffle should be fluffy and spongy on the inside, so sadly Toast Delight failed to achieve that.

In terms of flavor, I was unable to detect any green tea flavor in T’s egg waffle. For mine, the owner was generous with the pork floss and & seaweed and it had a nice balance of saltiness. However after eating both for a while, I thought the waffle tasted bland and the ingredients didn’t fully incorporated with the batter, which resulted in uneven ingredients with each waffle pieces.

I supposed these wouldn’t be so bad to snack on while you are shopping in the area, but it wouldn’t be something I would go out of my way to get. I remember these tasted way much better than the ones in P-mall, yet not as good as Wooffle & Cream (review will be up soon!). For $3, I think I would only return when I’m in the area and when Wooffle closes, and I’m still interested to try other flavors anyways, it just not my top priority for now :p.

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