[Cafe] Andytown Coffee Roasters

Restaurant: Andytown Coffee Roasters 
Location: 3655 Lawton Street, San Francisco, CA 94122, United States
Price Range: $

Andytown Coffee Roaster
Andytown Coffee Roaster


I know I know. I’m seriously behind my blog posts for San Francisco! I have a bunch of SF-related blog posts lining up, such as J-Town and Silicon Valley, however I’m putting my Toronto reviews as number 1 priority so you might see the SF posts in October…… Hopefully :D.

Arriving  at Andytown Coffee Roasters at 10AM on a Saturday morning, there was already a lineup right out of the door but when we were leaving, it got even longer! Getting here might be a bit inconvenient as this coffee shop is located an hour away (by public transportation) from downtown SF. Here are some of my other recommendations for coffee shops that are easier to get to: Blue Bottle (strongly recommend!); Tartine bakery & cafe (long lineup so I didn’t bother); Philz Coffee (supposedly their mint mojito coffee is really good!).

Inside the coffee shop
Inside the coffee shop

Andytown Coffee Roasters is relatively small and even with the seats inside, you will always feel a bit cramped. There is some seating outside but depends on San Francisco’s weather, that might not be a good choice :p. So if you are looking for a coffee shop to relax and do a bit of work on your laptop, this isn’t a place for you as this shop is more of a grab and go place :).

Lyons Tea Au Lait - $3.25 & Soda Black Currant Scone - $4.00
Lyons Tea Au Lait – $3.25 & Soda Black Currant Scone – $4.00

The coffee here is relatively inexpensive compare to Toronto and a bit cheaper than Starbucks. Supposedly the snowy plover drink ($4) is one of their best seller, however I didn’t know what it was until I got home and read Yelp reviews 🙁 so I regret for not getting it…. The snowy plover is an espresso drink mixed with Italian soda and topped with homemade whipped cream, sounds very intriguing!

So instead I got the Lyons tea au lait which is essentially a tea latte, and if I remember correctly it was black tea! The tea wasn’t too strong and there was some smoothness to it? I hope that make sense, but I enjoyed it and I appreciate how the barista held back on the syrup too. Initially I was afraid that the soda scone would be dry, however it was still warm and moist inside. The blackcurrant tasted like concentrated blackberry and it wasn’t too overpowering either. Overall I enjoyed my order at Andytown Coffee Roasters and it is also my sister’s favorite coffee shop in SF as well! The lineup can be a pain but it moves very quickly, also if you are in SF and there is no line up at a shop, you know that place ain’t popular by locals ;).


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