An unoriginal take on a Hong Kong Egg Sandwich recipe

An unoriginal take on a Hong Kong Egg Sandwich recipe

If you were born in Hong Kong or visit the country before, you have probably heard of a very famous cafe called the Australia Dairy Company (which supposedly have nothing to do with Australia btw) and its cult following for the egg sandwich.

Hong Kong Egg Sandwich with TABASCO(R) Green Sauce (Jalapeno)

You’re also probably questioning why I’m featuring this recipe on my blog.

Well, because it is so damn simple and quick to make – and hey – this is the reason why you are here right!? We are all so busy in the morning sometimes that we often forget to make a healthy breakfast, and trust me, this recipe will take less than 15 minutes of your time. You can find my previous recipes below, or head over to and follow @tabascocanada on social media for more breakfast inspirations!

To be honest, this is no way an “authentic” recipe so feel free to change the ingredients to your likings. You can either add ham, satay beef or spam – it’s really up to you and what you have in the fridge. However there are still a few key things here:

Ingredients for Hong Kong egg sandwich
  1. The eggs: the scrambled egg has to be silky smooth and not overcooked. For me, the secret to really good scrambled eggs is seasoning them before hand. Cooking them low and slow; constantly moving the eggs with a spatula and then turning off the pan while the eggs are still runny and letting them finish by residual heat. I use butter and cream here because it will definitely yields a silkier scrambled eggs. I heard some people add a dash of fish sauce or soy sauce to enhance that eggyness – but for this recipe, I opt’ed out of those instead.
  2. The bread: To be honest, it’s best to use the classic Asian white bread (none of that Wonderbread) for this sandwich as those tend to be softer and fluffier. However I’m not usually a fan of those so I used a normal toast instead, which turned out well anyhow (just remember to cut the crusts beforehand!).

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