About Me

Who are you? 

Writing about myself and explaining what I do are definitely a lot harder than it seems. It’s like explaining to your parents about what you do and what your job entails. “I eat, I take picture and do something about it. The Internet. etc. You know..”

Ok, here’s my best attempt at introducing myself.

My name is Anh and I’m the content creator of Hangry Foodies, a Toronto based blog featuring my daily journey of becoming more horizontally efficient. You can often find myself wondering around the city to find the best coffice (caffeinated person who work from coffee shops) and show off my mad writing skill aka blogging.

As a food blogger in a bustling city where new restaurants are popping up left and right, I aim to provide a genuine food review based on an ordinary dining experience that has not been tainted by preferential media treatment or the like.

O.A.Q. – Occasionally Asked Questions

1. What is the Hangry Foodies?

When you are so hungry that the lack of food causes you to become angry – if you experience this, you are at the right place!

2. What camera do you use?

Main camera: Fujifilm x-t10 / Fujinon Lens XF 35mm F1.4

Secondary camera: Nikon 1 J5 / Nikkor Lens 18.5mm F1.8

3. Can we collaborate?

For business inquiries and/or my media kit – please contact me at anhet@hangryfoodies.com

Featured In: 

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