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  • [Travel] San Francisco – Japantown Look at that beautiful sunny weather that we no longer have in Toronto! Back in July, I went to SF for a week to visit family members and I have now finished all the restaurant blog posts (links will be provided below), so the rest of the SF-related posts will be about sightseeing. Some of the tips which I hope will be useful for you guys if you are planning to go to J-town: There are multiple ways to get to J-town by public transportation so definitely check Google Map for directions beforehand. If you guys are going to be in SF for a ... Read More
  • [Chinese] The Chairman Restaurant: The Chairman Location: 670 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109, United States Price Range: $ While I was in SF, I had 1-2 days where I essentially had no “touristy” plan so I decided to explore downtown SF and J-Town on my own. While I was at Westfield San Francisco mall, I remember my sister said there is supposedly a very famous and great food truck called the Chairman, so I was on the mission to find it! Unfortunately on that day, the food truck was approximately 45 mins of public transportation from where I was, so I decided to go to their brick-and-mortar store which ... Read More
  • [Cafe] Andytown Coffee Roasters Restaurant: Andytown Coffee Roasters  Location: 3655 Lawton Street, San Francisco, CA 94122, United States Price Range: $ I know I know. I’m seriously behind my blog posts for San Francisco! I have a bunch of SF-related blog posts lining up, such as J-Town and Silicon Valley, however I’m putting my Toronto reviews as number 1 priority so you might see the SF posts in October…… Hopefully :D. Arriving  at Andytown Coffee Roasters at 10AM on a Saturday morning, there was already a lineup right out of the door but when we were leaving, it got even longer! Getting here might be a bit inconvenient as this coffee ... Read More
  • [Seafood] Anchor Oyster Bar Restaurant: Anchor Oyster Bar  Location: 579 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA 94114, United States Price Range: $$$ Who goes to San Francisco and not have seafood! Initially I wanted to go to Fisherman Wharf’s because supposedly there is this amazing clam chowder there. When I told my sister that, she gave me this where-the-hell-did-you-read-that face and said “NO LOCALS GO THERE OK.” She then quickly drove my family to Anchor Oyster Bar, gave me a smack for not doing a better research on seafood restaurants and yelled at me for almost falling into a tourist trap. From Yelp reviews, it seems the Anchor doesn’t accept reservations and there ... Read More
  • [Bakery] Bouchon Bakery Restaurant: Bouchon Bakery  Location: 6528 Washington Street, Yountville, CA 94599, United States Price Range: $$ After having a late lunch at Tra Vigne, my family drove to Bouchon Bakery by the famous Thomas Keller to have some desserts! The bakery itself is conveniently located next to Bouchon restaurant and near the French Laundry, so you will definitely have a lot of choices along this street! If you have the money to spend, definitely try to make a reservation at the French Laundry (apparently there is a waitlist up to 2-3 months), or dine at Bouchon and have dessert next door! The line can get quite long, but ... Read More
  • [Bubble Tea] Boba guys Restaurant: Boba guys Location: 3491 19th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110, United States Price Range: $ I would have never imagined that I’m reviewing a bubble tea shop. Lol. Anyhow, before I begin the review, I just want to clarify that although the overall rating was 2.5/5, I would still come back to try other items on their menu. For more explanations, please continue reading my review :p. For my trip to San Francisco, one of the first stop was to Boba Guys, which has been known as one of the best bubble tea shop in San Francisco! I went to the location in Mission district, however I ... Read More
  • [Italian] Tra Vigne Restaurant: Tra Vigne Location: 1050 Charter Oak Ave, Saint Helena, CA 94574, United States Price Range: $$$ After some sight-seeing at the Black Stallion Winery, my family headed to Tra Vigne for a late lunch. Initially my sister wanted to have lunch at another restaurant called Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch (if I remember correctly) which is across from Tra Vigne, however that particular restaurant was fully booked. From what I was told, Farmstead is an extremely local farm to table restaurant that not only grow their own vegetables, but also raised their own beef and pork! When I get a chance to come back to ... Read More
  • [Travel] Black Stallion Winery Rather than giving a normal restaurant-y review, this post will mainly focus on the scenery of Black Stallion winery. Since I’m not a sommelier, or really, my knowledge on wine is rather limited, I don’t dare to describe the flavor profiles of wine. In my opinion, just because a wine is high quality doesn’t mean that you will actually enjoy it. I find that it all come down to your personal taste as a good wine is something that you like enough to drink! Anyways enough ramblings ~ As part of my trip to San Francisco, my sister brought the entire family ... Read More
  • [Japanese] Wako Restaurant: Wako Location: 211 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118, United States Price Range: $$$$ If you guys don’t know already, recently I took a mini vacation to San Francisco and spent some quality time with my family. Of course I was being a tourist and had to take roughly 600 pics of all the scenery/food/or anything I find amusing. I had my sister who took me around to all her local favourites, and she had an amazing taste buds so all the restaurants were AMAZING :D. One of the most memorable meal of my trip was Wako, as my sister said it is possibly one ... Read More

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  • Hi Anh,
    I am very impressed by your blog. I also share the art of eating =)
    I just want to suggest you my favourite Mexican restaurant in Toronto. You need to try Playacabana Barrio Coreano in Korea Town. Barrio Coreano has some Korean-Mexican fusion dishes. I will continue reading and promoting your food blog. Good luck =)

    • Aw thank you so much!! I have added those restaurants onto my eat list 😀 Please let me know more as I love to try different cuisines!!

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