The Wayne Gretzky Winery and Distillery

The Wayne Gretzky Winery and Distillery

As I get older (feel free to laugh at me if you know my real age), my alcohol consumption and tolerance increased (duh!). However instead of chugging 1 litre of vodka and getting wasted, I much prefer a fine glass of wine & whisky these […]

[Event] Sweetery Toronto 2016 Recap

Event: Sweetery Toronto Address: David Pecaut Square, 215 King Street West, M5V 3G2, Toronto. When: Aug 20 -21 Back in August, I was invited to the Sweetery event where you can satisfy your sweet tooth for the entire day! Just like last year, the event seeks to […]

[Cooking] Sardo Foods

Family owned and operated in Canada, Sardo Foods is a world renowned company who provide every Canadian families with unique flavors of the Mediterranean. Specializing olives, antipasti, pesto, spreads, bruschetta and more, Sardo Foods aims to make gourmet cooking and entertaining easy. I was lucky to […]

[Upcoming Event] Silver Spoons

Hi everyone! I’m here to let you guys know about an exciting event that is coming up in May! Event Details: Silver Spoons Date: Friday, May 13th and Saturday, May 14th 2016. Location: District28 – 28 Logan Avenue. Click here for the location on Google Map. The 2 […]

[GIVEAWAY] Chatime Canada *Closed*

The Giveaway  Inspired by the islands of Okinawa in Japan and their iconic brown sugar, Chatime Canada have reinvented their classic milk tea with Brown Sugar! You can now also enjoy their bubble tea with some savoury bites from my favorite food truck (review here), M.e.n.u […]